Welcome to my Blog!

Hi! Welcome to my Blog!

I am so excited to start this blog and start sharing things that I love, so I thought it would be a good idea to start my first post with a little about myself.

  • My full name is Norma Angelica Lopez.
  • I am 28 years old.
  • Jesus loves me; I really think I’m his favorite.
  • I’m married to the perfect man, his name is Isaiah. He is my best friend. I love him like crazy!
  • We’re building our first home! & I will share all about it!
  • I’m from Houston, Texas born & raised.
  • University of Houston Alumni, Go Coogs!
  • I’ve been teaching for 7 years. Oh, my husband is also a teacher (that’s kind of how we met.)
  • I’m bilingual, I speak English and Spanish. ¡Hola!
  • I love fashion… just wish I could afford my taste.
  • I love traveling.
  • I love music! And singing in the car.
  • I love crafting, party planning, and anything that fosters my creativity.

Anything else you want to know, just ask!

Love always,




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